Super Koura .. Riot electrification stadiums genes in the blood


It seems that the Egyptian star Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the player of the first soccer team in Al-Ahly, will not give up his qualities as a rioter inside the stadiums before outside after he entered into a verbal argument with the coastal star’s defender. Gomez.

Al-Ahly club won against Al-Sahel with a clean goal scored by Nigerian Junior Ajay in the first half of the match, which placed the Red Genie at the forefront of Group Two of the African Champions League.

To see Kahraba’s argument, the coastal star player, click here

After the incident that took place in the second half of the match, Mahmoud got electrified his first yellow warning with the Red Castle, his new shirt and a continental championship, in order to quickly reveal the player to entering into crises that might lead him to be absent from the team’s future matches.

The fans at the stadium of the International Peace Stadium, and in particular the main stadium, were keen to exchange greetings with Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly club, upon his arrival to the match of the Tunisian coastal star.

Al-Khatib and his board of directors were present in the stadium of Al-Salam stadium with the coastal star’s delegation and a number of team leaders.

The first half of the match ended with the Ahly club advancing with the red genie goal with a clean goal in the match that brings them together in the stadium of the International Peace Stadium.

The duo, Osama Hosni and Hussam Ashour, was keen to embrace the player in the booth and welcome him before the match started.

And the international player seeks to cross the health crisis he suffers from, which has contributed greatly to the move away from the stadiums for the past few months.

The Al-Ahly club approached a step towards qualifying for the next round of the African Champions League, in which the Sudanese Crescent, Al-Sahel star and Platinum Star Zimbabwe compete.

The international star, Moamen Zakaria, the player of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, caught the spotlight upon his arrival at the front of the International Peace Stadium stadium to attend the Red Genie match against the coastal star in the penultimate round of the African Champions League.



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