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Few know. The NES of Nintendo have video game legendary that are in the hearts of thousands of ‘gamers’ around the world, one of these deliveries is Super Mario Bros. The story was quite simple, you had to travel several worlds with a plumber to rescue the princess Peach of the wicked Bowser. In one of the levels, the player could use a ‘trick‘to complete it by walking on the roof, which caused something unexpected. Did you know? Here we reveal it to you.

Climb to the roof in ‘Super Mario Bros‘It was pretty simple, you just had to break some specific bricks to make a kind of ladder. Once you were up you could speed up as there were no enemies.

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However, when you reached the end of the second level, you had the obligation to come down from the ceiling, because below there was a tube that you had to get into if you wanted to go to the next level.

What would have happened if you stayed on top? Believe it or not, you could continue moving through the ceiling, the bad thing is that we would no longer go to ‘level 3’, but we would go to a room called ‘Warp Zone‘.

In this place we would be shown 3 tubes, each one would transport us to the following worlds. This trick is ideal if you want to pass Super Mario Bros in a short time, but it is not recommended for those who enjoy the game.

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The funny thing is that it is not the only one ‘Warp Zone‘ in Super Mario BrosAt level ‘4-2’ there is also one and to access it we will have to break a series of specific blocks. If we do it correctly, a plant will come out that we will scale.

We climb on it and finally we can see the ‘Warp Zone‘which will take us to level 6, 7 or 8 of Super Mario Bros. Here we leave you a video published in YouTube that shows you in detail this secret that few know.

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Super Mario Bros: what happens if you jump over the flag and keep moving forward?

As is known, it is impossible to pass over the flag of Bowser, since just by touching it we will have lowered it and we went to the next level. However, there is a method to bypass it and you can try it at any time. You dare?

As you can see in the video, for this trick to work you have to press a turtle and it will follow you at the bottom of the screen. Once you are about to jump to the flag, you will have to step on the unfortunate reptile. That would be all.

If you followed the steps correctly, you will be able to advance beyond the castle of the first world of Super Mario Bros and you will notice that it is a totally empty area and free of enemies. Unfortunately, you can’t go back and your only goal is to move forward and wait for death when time is up.

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Super Mario Bros: did you see what happens if you defeat ‘Bowser’ using the fireballs? [VIDEO]

If you use the fireballs to beat Bowser in the first castle (Level 1-4) of Super Mario Bros, you will see that before dying it transforms into a bad mushroom. That is, he was not the real villain, but one of his henchmen who was posing as him.

The second time we faced Bowser in his castle (Level 2-4) and we defeat him in the same way we will see that he transforms into a turtle. And so on, until the seventh world will become another henchman, except for the last one, where it is the real one.

It is worth noting that in the first levels it is very easy to beat Bowser with balls of fire; However, in the last three fights it will be quite complicated, since the villain uses axes to protect himself from the attacks, so you must be very skilled to achieve it.

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Super Mario Bros: meet the real hallucinogen that inspired the video game mushroom

The day of Mario Bros has caused Nintendo’s favorite plumber to once again have a presence on social networks, generating more than one discussion in Facebook about his legacy and some other curiosity. One of these is the supposed inspiration of the red mushroom so typical of the saga, which would be based on a species real known for its hallucinogenic effects. Didn’t you know him? Here you will find all the details.

He red mushroom of Mario, The ‘Mushroom‘(as many of us know them, since the games were in English) is one of the icons not only of Nintendo, but of video games in general. Its function is universally known: to turn Mario into ‘Super Mario’, that is, to make it bigger.

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Nintendo would relaunch Super Mario World with better graphics, according to reports

More games on the horizon are always good news, especially when it comes to Nintendo and its biggest franchise. Of course, we are referring to Super Mario, a saga that turns 35 in 2020 and that would cause a greater celebration in the great N. Reports from Europe and Japan indicate that there is already a project to remaster the “vast majority” of classics in the series , including maybe Super Mario World and more for Nintendo Switch.

In 2020, the 35 years of Super Mario Bros are celebrated, a video game that was launched in 1985 on the well-remembered Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console, which is why the big N would bring the nostalgia of this video game franchise to the current console.

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Creator of Super Mario Bros: “The only one who can be called a creator is God”

In one of the interviews most explorative ever made to Shigeru Miyamoto, great details about his life, beliefs and philosophy have been known when designing games and characters as iconic as Super Mario Bros. The issue of the last March 5 of the well-known magazine Famitsu revealed the mastermind of Nintendo like never before.

In one part, Miyamoto he quoted what Shigesato Itoi (Earthbound designer) once said: “(to say) creators or creations is absurd. If there is one that could be called a creator, it would be God. Nobody is creating creations, all you do is edit. “

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LEGO: Nintendo shows its Super Mario Bros figures in fun video

Back to childhood! Nintendo surprise gamers and make the set of interactive figures official LEGO Super Mario, in which fans of the Nintendo video game can have fun with the plumber in real world. Watch the trailer that has caught the attention of users on social networks.

‘It’s LEGO Mario Time ‘! It is the game for adults and children that simulates a circuit of Super Mario, where he plumber must overcome obstacles and smash carnivorous plants, koopas, turtles and the fearsome Bowser in one minute to save Yoshi.

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