Super Mario Odyssey – New video of the anniversary of Donk City with 8-bit Toad and Luigi


Nintendo hit the mark by delivering an illustration to celebrate this highly successful Nintendo Switch anniversary and released a video of the famous instrumental version of Jump Up, Super Star!

New Donk City celebrates the first anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey … with 39 secret toads and 8-bit rockets!28/10/2018

This anniversary is the occasion of the game, in the area of ​​the festival of the country of skyscrapers, to embark on a mission until November 7 to flush out the renewed version of Luigi and Capitan Toad 8 bit. It seems there are 39 to be discovered. Why this number 39? The explanation given is that 39 reads: "San" (3 in Japanese) + "kyu" (9 in Japanese) … so we can read: Thanks! Thank you !

This birthday took many forms since the Cappy hat was offered as a bonus item in the mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp this morning.

Nintendo France has tweeted a contest that ended October 30, offering to reveal your best chapimorphoses! The winners will be announced on November 12th. To participate, click on the link.

Nintendo releases a special version of Super Mario Odyssey in Japan that contains the game and the traveler's guide to guide us in different worlds. This special version will be available from 9 November 2018 for ¥ 6.458, however it is possible to purchase the guide separately for ¥ 350. Here are some pictures:

For the greediest of you who would be in Japan right now, notice that the chocolate eggs and Super Mario Odyssey's toys are already available in Japan! Thanks to our partner Perfectly Nintendo for images:
If you follow the Twitter account Super Mario France, you may have already noticed the images of the clues regularly revealed to put you on the road of the places that allow you to get interesting bonuses. So, to find a hidden power moon, help yourself with these directions, cross each country of the game, find the place to find the clue and charge the earth to get the precious bonus. We republish the previous images.



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