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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Masahiro Sakurais Pictures of the Week (KW 17/2020)

23:50 – 04/26/2020
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This week we were able to send you lots of exciting news Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supply: Until Tuesday you have the chance to get three brand new ones Trials of Mana Spirits who are currently visiting the ghost table. Last Wednesday we reported a statistical analysis that showed that Palutena the most successful fighter in competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments. The hashtag then took place on Friday #FixUltimateOnline Headlines, which even made it into the German Twitter trends and Nintendo should draw attention to the weaknesses of the online mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And on Saturday, we finally reported on Ubisoft’s suspicious practices Speculations about Rayman as a potential DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

At the end of the week we will be presenting you at a late hour today Sakurai’s latest pics of the week:

04/20/2020: Revolvers are too brutal for Super Smash Bros. and therefore some characters are automatically excluded as potential newcomers? Sentences like this used to circulate in various Smash Bros. forums, but Sakurai probably wants to finally say with the following picture that such a pseudo-rule means nothing:

April 21, 2020: Pepe seems to have told Banjo & Kazooie something nasty about Nana, because Banjo grabs the poor girl angrily on the collar, while Pepe laughs mischievously behind it:

04/22/2020: This block of flats from the Tomodachi Life-Stage looks a little crooked, don’t you think? It’s surprising that Daisy comes to the rescue to push the house straight again:

04/23/2020: Snake doesn’t seem to be happy that his box was stolen, but the cardboard is apparently used for a Nintendo Labo Toycon kit:

04/24/2020: If you collect all three dawn pieces from Kid Icarus Uprising, you can fire a devastating beam. In the following picture, Pit uses this to sweep his dark counterpart, Dark Pit, out of the stage:

April 25, 2020: There is a reason why Sakurai took a screenshot of Takamaru right in front of the “Suzaku Castle“from the street fighter stage of the same name …

… Takamaru is out of the game The Mysterious Murasame Castle, who turned 34 a few days ago. You can see a picture of this extremely similar castle from Takamaru’s game here:

If you want to see a real castle in this style, you should see the beautiful “Osaka Castle“in the Japanese port city of the same name:

04/26/2020: A few years ago, Sakurai had said that Ridley was too tall to be a Super Smash Bros. fighter. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the impossible was finally made possible in 2018. What would people have said back then if this picture had been published years ago?

Click on the following links to view all the pictures Masahiro Sakurai has shared so far: KW 1, KW 2, KW 3, KW 4, KW 5, KW 6, KW 7, KW 8, KW 9, KW 10, KW 11, KW 12, KW 13, KW 14, KW 15 & KW 16. Alternatively, you can get one here List of all pictures of the weekly news watch since the beginning of the year.

Did you discover references that we missed? Which picture is your favorite this week?

Source: Twitter (Masahiro Sakurai), Twitter (HBVIdeoGames), Twitter (Aesthetickohai) – News picture: © Nintendo



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