Super Smash Bros Ultimate: the 5 new characters in the form of DLC already decided by Nintendo

Nintendo has not wasted time choosing the future fighters.

Nintendo plans to surrender to the DLC call with the next episode of Super Smash Bros. And for good reason: Ultimate will present 5 new characters that will buy and will be unveiled until February 2020. It all led to believe that Nintendo would gradually reflect on additions , but in the end it seems that … no! According to Masashiro Sakurai, these have already been decided, without specifying whether the development of the characters has been done. In short, Nintendo has taken a big advantage: but why not propose the 5 heroes directly instead of going through the DCL box?

Nintendo prefers to yield to the DLC call for 5 fighters

A decision that Masahiro Sakurai, of the title development team, talks about himself on his Twitter account. The man said that the five characters that will come from the DLC, therefore, the reward for Ultimate Super Smash Bros has already been decided by Nintendo. A damaging decision and a legitimate question: why not propose them directly in a title that players will pay for most of the full pot?

The composition of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC is coming to an end. This time, the choice was made entirely by Nintendo. I choose if we can create a character from their selections, then make a plan.

Expected until 2020, it will take a while before discovering all the characters that Nintendo has reserved for title players. Not to mention the price they will have to pay the latter for having them …

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