News Super Tuesday 2020 in the USA: Joe Biden wins...

Super Tuesday 2020 in the USA: Joe Biden wins in Virginia, Bernie Sanders in Vermont

The former US vice president Joe Biden has prevailed in the Democratic primary in nine out of 14 states: According to forecasts, he won in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas and Massachusetts. This was reported by several American television stations after the polling stations in the states were closed. “We are very lively,” said Biden on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles. “It’s a good evening and it seems to be getting better.”

Also see in Texas several US media Biden ahead of his competitor Bernie Sanders. The New York Times, ABC, CNN, NBC and Fox News have already declared Biden the winner in the state. According to CNN, Biden was 33 percent ahead of its rival, who currently has 29 percent.

Sanders meanwhile, according to forecasts, won in his home state Vermont. He also won in, according to US media reports Colorado and in Utah. “Tonight, I am telling you with absolute confidence that we will win the Democratic nomination and that we will beat the most dangerous president in the history of this country,” said Sanders in Vermont.

In California according to Sanders calculations. The news agency AP and the broadcaster Fox News have already declared the party left to be the winner in the West Coast state. The CNN and CBS stations, on the other hand, reported more cautiously about a Sanders tour.

“Super Tuesday” is the most important day in the race for the Democratic presidential candidacy in search of a challenger for incumbent Donald Trump in the November presidential election (all you need to know about “Super Tuesday” can be found here; the results can be found in the graphic overview) You here).

On Tuesday, American Samoa was elected in a total of 14 states and the US outside area. It is about the votes of 1,344 delegates who will officially designate the party’s presidential candidate at the Democratic nomination convention in July. In order to be nominated as a presidential candidate, an applicant needs 3,979 regular delegate votes in 1991. In California alone, there were 415 delegate votes on Tuesday, and 228 in Texas.

Forecasts: Bloomberg wins in American Samoa

After the party’s first four primaries, left-wing Senator Sanders has been in the lead. The 78-year-old is also at the top in nationwide surveys. Before the “Super Tuesday”, however, Biden had received a strong boost: The ex-Democratic presidential applicants Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke called on their supporters to support the candidacy of the 77-year-old.

It was also eagerly awaited how Michael Bloomberg would fare: The 78-year-old was on the ballot papers for the first time on Tuesday. The television channels CNN, ABC and NBC unanimously saw him as the winner in American Samoa. However, only six delegate votes are given there.

Tulsi Gabbard is also in the race, but she is not given any chances.

After “Super Tuesday” it will not be decided which applicant will win the nomination. The votes are nevertheless extremely important, since a candidate clearly stands out from the rest and this could make his nomination much more likely.

Disappointment for Warren

For senator Elizabeth Warren On the other hand, the election evening was disappointing. She couldn’t win even in her home state of Massachusetts, where she was only predicted to be third behind Biden and Sanders.

Like Bloomberg, Warren also became the target of an insulting tweet from the President. Trump described the two candidates as the evening’s biggest losers. As in the past, Trump used the derogatory nickname “Pocahontas” in connection with Warren. Warren can now sit back with her husband and enjoy a cold beer.

But Warren is still fighting. As things stand, she wants to stay in the race.

Trump declares himself the winner of several Republican primaries

Trump has no serious competition within his party. The Republicans have therefore canceled their area codes in several states; on Tuesday, however, they held primaries in almost all “Super Tuesday” countries.

Trump has now declared himself the winner of his Republican party’s primaries in several states: He thanked voters on Twitter in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Alabama, North Carolina, Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota and Arkansas.


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