Superalloy: Pills 1ª. Perfect Perugia with Cisterna, Abdel-Aziz scares Monza. Bernardi in photocopy

MODENA – Numbers and curiosities in a nutshell on the four Superlega races scheduled today.

Vero Volley MONZA – Leo Shoes PerkinElmer MODENA

  • Also in the Regular Season 2020/21 the match between Brianza and Modena was scheduled at the first day.
  • In last season Monza if imposes is all’gone that al return, an eventuality that has never occurred before in the previous ones. Modena, however, won the last challenge played, the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.
  • 34 i in scored by Brianza in the comparisons from championship in 2020/21, equally divided between round trips for an average of 4,25 a set. In both cases it is the best given for Eccheli’s men in the past season.
  • Modena is the team against which Georg Grozer he has attached worse in the last RS: 25% the percentage of winning attacks for the German bomber.
  • 57 i points made in last Regular season with Nimir Abdel-Aziz against Monza between there and back, best given of the season of the Dutch.
  • And Ervin Ngapeth are missing 6 points to reach altitude 100 in the previous. For the French they are in fact 94 in 7 comparisons with the Brianza.

Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA – Top Volley TANK

  • Perugia has won all e 9 the station housewives disputed against Cisterna in the history of confrontations.
  • Tank is the team against cui Oleh Plotnytskyi has received more acknowledgments of MVP in Regular Season since wearing the Perugia shirt. 2 the prizes for the Ukrainian, including the one awarded at the end of the 5th matchday last season (Perugia-Cisterna 3-0).
  • In 2020/21 Perugia it was particularly indigestible for Cisterna: against the Umbrians, in fact, the Pontini have scored the least number of points (73) and walls (6) of their championship.
  • Sebastian Solé has scored against Tank one of the due ace made in last Regular Season and thelast in chronological order.
  • 86,7% overall in attack by Tobias Krick in last league against Perugia, best given its season. The German central has in fact grounded 13 of the 15 attacks attempted between the round trip.

Gas Sales Bluenergy PIACENZA – Consar RCM RAVENNA

  • Ravenna and the squad against which Piacenza he put on the scoresheet more winning bouts ever (118) in the last Regular Season.
  • 0 the ace per Piacenza against Ravenna in the challenge of Italian Cup lost 3-0 in September 2020. It was theonly race in white from 9 meters for the Emilians last season.
  • Since when is the guide from Piacenza Lorenzo Bernardi won all e three the challenges against Ravenna for 3-1.
  • In last season Francesco reçine has scored overall 26 points in Piacenza-Ravenna, in no other challenge has he achieved more. Today the blue hammer is al debut with the shirt red and white.
  • Piacenza and the squad against which Ravenna achieved altogether more ace in the last Regular Season. 12 the winning beats for the Romagna, 5 in the first leg and 7 in the return.

Jewel Prisma TARANTO – Callipo Callipo Tuna Calabria VIBO VALENTIA

  • L’last previous between the two teams dates back to the season 2009/2010 (24th day series A1, Taranto-Vibo Valentia 3-2). Direct witness David Candellaro, in his debut season in the top league: the central from Veneto, then in force to the Apulians and today to the Calabrians, entered the field for a batting lap during the 4th set.
  • L’last time that David Saitta he has dealt with Taranto in a regular season challenge in the top league he won the recognition of MVP. It happened on matchday 17 of the season 2009/2010 when the Sicilian setter led his Latina to the away victory (Taranto-Latina 1-3).
  • Vibo Valentia it was the victim favorite by Giulio New in last season. 48 i points overall for the opposite, including the personal best for 2020/21 of 32 points in the challenge of return (21ª RS, Cisterna-Vibo Valentia 3-2).
  • From return in super lega in season 2016/17 Vibo Valentia he has won a alone time in the first race held in championship. It happened right against a team Apulian in season 2018/19 when he beat Castellana Grotte 3-1.

Kioene PADOVA – Lube Kitchens CIVITANOVA (played yesterday)

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