Superenalotto, 50 thousand euros with the Black Week: the winning codes

A shower of money is coming with Black Week, a new special Superenalotto initiative. Let’s go into details and discover winning codes and how it works.

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Family, work, free time and much more. There are many things that we regularly find ourselves having to face and that require, in most cases, a type of outlay economic. Indeed, it is money that helps us to solve a lot of problems and for this reason it is not surprising that many are looking for solutions that allow them to obtain extra money.

Hence the decision of many to play at Superenalotto, or other games available, with the hope of being able to take home some dizzying figures. Well, in this context it will be interesting to know that the Black Week. A new special initiative of the Superenalotto that allows you to bring prizes with mind-boggling figures to cases. So let’s go into the details and see how it works and winning codes.

Superenalotto, rain of money coming with Black Week: what you need to know

Good news for all those who hope to bring home some staggering figures thanks to the Superenalotto Superstar. In fact, the Black Week, the new special initiative that is giving away 300 guaranteed prizes of 50 thousand euros. On the occasion of the competitions on 23, 25 and 27 November, in fact, in addition to the now well-known SuperStar Superenalotto prizes, there were as many as 100 prizes worth 50 thousand euros up for grabs for each competition.

To be able to participate in this initiative, all you had to do was cvalidate any SuperEnalotto play with SuperStar. In this way you received a unique code thanks to which you could participate in the drawing of the Black Week contest. The latter, as already mentioned, was valid only for the games of November 23rd, November 25th and November 27th.

The winning codes of November 27th

There are no additional costs, it is enough to play SuperEnalotto with SuperStar to be able to take part in this initiative. THE winning codes, of course, they are communicated at the end of each special competition. Going into the details, we remind you that the winning codes of the Black Week on Saturday 27 November. Going into the details are:

0046AE8E0068-2 0091A48E004C-2 0168A18E001E-1
0182A38E0064-2 0213A38E00AA-2 0216A18E0010-1
0232A18E0024-4 0510A38E0249-1 0561B38E0049-3
0608A38E0023-2 0617A88E00F7-1 0725B78E0027-2
0798A78E007F-2 0798AA8E0023-1 0811A48E004C-2
0812CB8E0012-17 0824A18E0015-2 0966B68E0069-1
1021B38E0007-3 1033AA8E0002-2 1049B28E004E-1
1064BA8E0135-2 1127A38E0020-1 1225BC8E002D-2
1237A58E0010-3 1269G38E0070-2 1299AA8E007D-4
1337AC8E01E9-2 1347A18E006D-2 1496A48E0061-2
1719B18E013E-4 1841A48E0068-1 1854B38E007C-1
2248AC8E007E-1 2311AB8E0019-1 2426A18E005B-1
2703AE8E0053-1 2816A48E003A-1 2834G28E0020-1
2870AC8E0093-2 3239A38E0041-24 3261A48E0045-2
3527A48E0044-1 3625B38E00FD-1 3664AA8E0139-1
3831B38E00B2-1 4014A98E0019-1 4093AC8E000D-3
4372BC8E008C-1 4384A18E00FC-1 4486BE8E0047-1
4630AC8E0089-1 4637AA8E0019-2 4743A38E00E3-1
4875AB8E000D-4 5006AC8E00F3-1 5038AB8E004B-7
5202B88E002D-1 5369MA8E0011-155 5520A78E00A9-1
5533BD8E0017-2 5537A18E0016-18 5708A88E00D0-1
5802A58E0028-1 5853A68E0052-1 5888A78E001B-3
6332AA8E0007-2 6747AB8E0049-2 7030A28E002A-11
7069B18E0006-1 7127A88E0023-1 7147A38E0050-5
7249B38E008B-1 7285AB8E004F-1 7475A48E0031-2
7519A58E0062-2 7679B28E0014-1 8122BA8E0042-3
8270AA8E0017-2 8573AA8E002A-1 8734CE8E00BB-2
8741AA8E011D-3 9005I18E0CE6-5 9006A68E003E-1
9090E38E011D-4075 9090E38E0217-14 9090E38E027F-93
9090F38E0169-432 9090F38E01C3-10949 9090F38E0343-248
9090F38E046F-683 9090F38E0516-108 9090F38E05D1-14
9090F38E0627-55 9090F38E076C-73 9090F38E07EF-317
9090F38E0887-89 9090F38E093E-18 9340BB8E0056-2

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If you are among the lucky winners of one of the prizes made available with the Black Weektherefore, all you have to do is collect the prize within 90 days at the Sisal Award Offices in Rome or Milan and spend a Christmas in the name of economic tranquility.

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