Superfinanciera announced a Public Offer for the Acquisition of Cemex common shares

Laura Vita Mesa – [email protected]

In a letter addressed to the president of the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), Juan Pablo Córdoba, the Financial Superintendency reported that it received from Cemex Latam Holding SA a request for authorization of the public acquisition offer (OPA) for its common shares, for which it requested the suspension of the stock trading of such securities.

Thus, the BVC announced the suspension of trading in the species, whose price per share for the OPA reported by the offeror is $ 3,250. The suspension will be effective as of next September 8, and will govern, according to the request of the Superfinancial, “until the day following the publication of the offer notice, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 6 of Decree 2555 of 2010 “.

The suspension implies the elimination of the system of all the orders referring to the species and its effect is that, for the term that the suspension lasts, operations on the share cannot be carried out.

It is worth remembering that today, on the day of the announcement, Cemex’s common stock closed at $ 2,805, which represented an appreciation of $ 120 per share, equivalent to 4.47%. This closing price is $ 445 lower than the one announced by the bidder of the OPA.

Read in the attached document the request of the Superfinanciera.


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