Supermarket equal savings? In some circumstances it can

The choice of the supermarket is only apparently simple. Someone more than others offers the possibility of saving. Here’s what Altroconsumo thinks.

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Loyalty is an essential component to ensure that supermarket sales always maintain a certain standard. Not all, in fact, are the same. And not everyone can allow us to make an adequate shopping for our needs. Or better, proportioned fairly to our pockets. For this reason, many families often change their trusted supermarket, while others always choose the same one, convinced that it can contribute to their savings. An Altroconsumo survey tried to combine the two paths, explaining the right method to save even 1,700 euros a year.

Taking into consideration 70 cities for 1,148 points of sale, including supermarkets and discount stores, the association compared more than 1.6 million prices for 125 product categories, including food, personal care and pet food. The result, a short list of points of sale in which to shop is more convenient e the average savings of households during the year it would benefit enormously. However, it should be considered that, from city to city, things change. You cannot save in the South as in the North for example. This is because the advantage also requires good competition. Where this is not there, the situation changes.

What is the best supermarket for shopping? An investigation says so

Economic, mixed or brand. These are the three types of expense considered by Altroconsumo, regardless of the supermarket. Even if it is good to keep in mind that in the 70 centers visited, the savings gap was quite marked. For example, in the most affordable cities it can be as high as 20%. The province of Rovigo ranks first, with the cheapest supermarket that leads to savings of up to 1,700 euros. Followed by Reggio Emilia and Modena (1,523 euros), Ravenna and Brescia (1,400). The situation is different in Potenza, Pesaro, Pistoia, Sassari, Reggio Calabria, Foggia: cities mostly in the Center-South, where there is no competition between points of sale (only 2% savings possible).

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Returning to the types of expenditure, Altroconsumo highlighted that savings should be cataloged on the basis of purchases made mostly by households. For example, there are families who tend to buy cheaper products, thus choosing a discount store. And, not surprisingly, it is the latter to occupy the top positions in the ranking savings for mixed spending. Even the first eight, from Aldi to Todis, the least convenient of the affordable ones, on par with Esselunga Superstore. Which, according to the association, has increased its propensity to save customers thanks to a series of first-price products. Lagging behind is Carrefour Market. In the first place, however, if the shopping is for brands.

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