Supermassive Black Hole Mini in Mrk 462 Just Found Covered in Fog

The mini supermassive black hole at Mrk 462 has just been discovered. The black hole is buried in the dust and gas of the dwarf galaxies in the universe.

The researchers used NASA’s X-ray Observatory to find this black hole. Scientists hope this discovery can help uncover the secrets of the largest black hole.

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Discovery of Supermassive Black Hole Mini on Mrk 462

The universe keeps its secrets very tightly. For thousands of decades, humans on Earth have been trying to uncover all the secrets that exist in the universe.

The discovery of black holes or black holes in outer space for example. Scientists have found this black hole several times, even one of the largest is larger than the sun.

However, until now the cause of the black hole has not been revealed. Not yet exhausted curiosity, astronomy scientists again found a mini black hole.

This time they found it in a dwarf galaxy hundreds of billions of light years from Earth. The galaxy is named Mrk 462.

Jack Parker, a researcher from Dartmouth University said that this newly detected black hole is one of the smallest of the supermassive black holes.

However, that opinion is still a possibility. This latest black hole could also be the largest because it is currently still covered in dust and gas.

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Found Covered in Dust and Gas

The discovery of a mini supermassive black hole at Mrk 462 this time is in a galaxy far from planet Earth.

Research into the black hole seems a little slow. Because the location of the galaxy Mrk 462 is far away and the object is covered in fog.

This makes the black hole at Mrk 462 the first one scientists have found to be covered in fog.

The fog that covers a black supermassive black hole contains dust and gas. This seems reasonable because the contents of the Mrk 462 galaxy are only hundreds of millions of stars.

There is not a single planet or other space object in the dwarf galaxy Mrk 462.

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In larger galaxies, researchers can observe black holes through nearby stars. However, because Mrk 642 is a small galaxy, this method will not work.

Until now, research scientists can still use Chandara to see X-rays that emit sparkles from gas attracted by black holes.

Through this discovery, NASA researchers hope to encourage the birth of new facts stored in the black holes of dwarf galaxies.

Because of its small size, scientists can get time to examine the mini supermassive black hole at Mrk 462 more, so that they can find out how a black hole grows to such a large size. (R10/HR-Online)

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