Supervision during the journey in the classroom, gymnasium and laboratories: an example of circulating to staff and students

Returning to the question relating to supervision that particularly affects teachers and ATA staff, this time we focus on the aspect relating to transfers from one classroom to another the underage students with whom they will teach; the route taken in bringing the section (if it is a kindergarten) or the class back to its classroom at the end of an activity, entrusting it to the teacher for the next hour; to maintain order and silence during the transfer, so as not to disturb other classes; accompanying the class to leave the school if the end of the hour coincides with the end of the lesson timetable.

The prohibitions of pupils and the regulation of journeys

Students – as stated with great organizational capacity and legal competence, the Headmaster Prof. Rossella Miraldi, at the helm of the Comprehensive Institute “Giovanni Verga” in Catania – is forbidden to move from their classroom and from one floor to another of the building except for a relevant reason; in particular, it is forbidden to go to the gym without authorization and without being accompanied by the teacher, nor can the teacher wait for the pupils in the gym, but must go to class and then move with the pupils. teacher or teachers, in case of co-presence, will accompany the students and supervise so that the path is orderly, disciplined and safe.

School collaborators

At the request of the teachers and for specific instructions of the DSGA, the school collaborators contribute to accompany the students during: the transfer from the classrooms to the gymnasium and vice versa; transfers from one classroom to another in order and silence, so as not to disturb other classes.

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Temporary exit of pupils from class

Teachers – according to the directive of the Headmaster Prof. Rossella Miraldi, at the helm of the Comprehensive Institute “Giovanni Verga” in Catania – must not let pupils leave the classroom for tasks related to didactic activity (such as photocopies , procurement of material). For these needs, teachers must contact any auxiliary staff in charge.

The supervision of pupils with disabilities

The class teacher, with the collaboration of the support teacher, must guarantee constant vigilance on pupils with severe psychic disabilities, particularly unpredictable in their actions and unable to self-regulate.

Pupils leaving school

To ensure supervision at the end of the lessons – continues the DS Rossella Miraldi – teachers are required to allow the early exit of the students only if withdrawn by a parent or an adult family member specifically delegated by the parents themselves; accompanying the pupils, positioning oneself in front of the schoolchildren and taking care that the route is followed in an orderly manner, avoiding noises, runs or dangerous games; attend the exit of the pupils themselves, making sure that the pupils go out in an orderly manner; hand over the minors to the parent or to the persons formally delegated by them; supervise the minor permanently at school beyond school hours until the arrival of family members, to be contacted by telephone.

School collaborators

To ensure supervision, at the end of each lesson, school collaborators are required to:

  • supervise the transit of pupils in their respective service plans;
  • check the exit doors and the external gate;
  • guarantee the surveillance of pupils with appropriate authorization in the late hours, compared to the normal lesson time;
  • supervise pupils permanently at school beyond school hours until the arrival of family members when entrusted.
  • The school collaborators carry out surveillance work also in the moments following the hours of the didactic activities.
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Supervision of pupils during extracurricular activities

The supervision of the pupils during extracurricular activities – reiterates the DS Rossella Miraldi – is entrusted with the assignment of the school director and constitutes to all intents and purposes a service. The accompanying teachers must accompany the pupils and carry out surveillance activities during the entire time they are entrusted to them and they cannot at any time abandon the supervision of the pupils, in consideration of the unpredictability of their actions. It is up to the teachers, during the outings and the guided visits, to give the pupils clear rules of safety and behavior, in particular as regards simple rules of road education.

School collaborators

The school collaborators, when requested and according to the specific instructions given, assist the teachers in supervising the school groups during the activities planned by the Teaching Board and carried out outside school hours.

The requirements relating to the safety of workers

The ATA staff and teachers – concludes the DS Rossella Miraldi in his brilliant directive – must comply with the operational indications relating to safety and scrupulously respect and enforce the requirements relating to the safety of workers, also in relation to the ban on smoking. It is reiterated that smoking is forbidden inside all school premises and in the relevant areas. The ban is extended to all school staff, pupils and all those present within the institution. Violators will be subjected to the foreseen administrative sanction.

Circular on supervision of the movement between classrooms and laboratories

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