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The interim health minister Uliana Suprun is sure that regular exercise reduces the risk of contracting cold and flu in winter. He shared his opinions on the Facebook page.

"If you want to protect yourself from colds and cold weather, exercise is a good way! To reduce the risk of getting sick, you should train regularly, but when you're already sick, consider the symptoms of disease ", – she wrote.

According to the official, the exercises help strengthen the immune system and generally improve health and well-being. In this case, the action of physical education is adapted, rather, to prevention and not as a method of treatment.

Suprun claims that, according to various studies, people who regularly exercise moderate physical exercise are less likely to have a cold than those who sit a lot. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of acute respiratory infections by more than 20% and, in some small studies, more than 40%, provides regular exercise and an appropriate level of activity.

In the same case, if a person has already taken a cold and is not sure if he should train, Suprun advises to remember the rule "over the neck" – when there are no symptoms in the body and only in the upper part of the body – a nose that cola, sneezing or a small cough, exercise oK. In the case of the flu, when there is fever, headaches, muscle aches, throat, cough and runny nose, it is impossible to train and empty the body further.

According to doctors, not to freeze in winter and not get sick, you need to eat more fat.

Photo by Sergey TUSHINSKY, "FATTI"

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