Suprun suggested that the Ukrainians treat the runny nose and cough in the gym –

Uliana Suprun. information
Uliana Suprun. information

This was December 5 reported the Minister of Health belonging to Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on your Facebook page.

"If you want to protect yourself from colds and cold weather, exercise is a good way! To reduce the risk of getting sick, you should train regularly, but when you're already sick, consider the symptoms of disease, "wrote Suprun.

According to the official, exercise helps strengthen the immune system. He cited research data that physical activity supposedly helps reduce the risk of acute respiratory infections by more than 20% and sometimes by 40%.

And Suprun has advised those who are already coughing, sneezing and blowing their nose, moreover, they do not cease to be physically active. But with fever, headaches and muscle aches, refrain from exercising.

Recall, an American citizen without medical instruction Suprun gained great popularity in Ukraine thanks to his numerous useless advice on social networks. For example, he taught to sneeze and cough inside the elbow, so as not to infect others, and even advised to be treated with cold ice cream.

The Ukrainians do not take this advice very seriously, moreover, Suprun is negatively treated because of the medical reform launched in April of this year, which means, in fact, the rejection of free medicine.


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