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Surf in Berlin instead of Hawaii – world’s highest indoor wave – Berlin

Berlin – Berliners and tourists can come from Friday – an artificially generated, standing surf wave in the former intermediate pumping station in the Lichtenberg district is waiting for them. At 8.5 meters wide and 1.60 meters high, it is the highest indoor wave in the world.

You no longer have to take planes to plow over the water on a board. A ten-minute drive from Alexanderplatz to Landsberger Allee 270.

On a test day, the Afghan surf master Afridun Amu (32), among others, tried the wave. The Berliner has been training here for a month during the last construction phase to represent his home country at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where wave surfing is part of the competition for the first time.

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Photo: Wellenwerk

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Afridun Amu (32) is training for the Olympic GamesPhoto: Wellenwerk

The hall of the former pumping station was carefully gutted. Water and air temperatures are a constant 25 degrees. The water is rinsed on an adjustable ramp, which creates the wave.

Electricity that is generated from the wave power is used to heat the hall. The construction was very complex. For example, care was taken not to allow corners in the surf area to be able to clean everything well. An hour of surfing including equipment costs around 40 euros.

The Berlin Senate supported the project, as the concept washes tourists and Berliners to Lichtenberg. The city wants to make the district more attractive.

Follow the restaurant and cocktail bar

“Wellenwerk” press spokesman Julius Niehus (28): “Idea and concept phase was 2017, 2018 planning phase, 2019 construction. We are super happy with how it looks. It was a difficult, rocky road. The surf hall is the first part of the overall concept. “

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Photo: Wellenwerk

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The “Wellenwerk” team is happy. Friday startsPhoto: Wellenwerk

A restaurant, a cocktail bar, a beer garden and a surf shop will follow in the coming year. In the long term, a surfboard workshop and a motorcycle workshop will be added. From the restaurant, which surrounds the surf hall, you can see the experts and beginners in their experiments.

Managing Director Robert Havemann (36), who runs Germany’s best bar with the Neukölln “Velvet”, says: “I am looking forward to the challenge of opening another gastronomic highlight in Lichtenberg. But first of all, it’s about surfing and it starts on Friday. ”

Opening times: Mon – Fri 2pm – 10pm, weekends 10am – 11pm.



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