Surprise at Lufthansa. The airlines ordered more long-haul aircraft

The first dreamliners will be taken over by Lufthansa this year. He buys already manufactured machines for which Boeing has no customer.

The German airline Lufthansa ordered a total of ten new long-haul aircraft Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900, thus extending the original order from 2019 to the same types of aircraft.

In light of recent developments, the carrier published a surprising report just days after announcing further poor economic results. From the purchase of other machines, the carrier promises greater unification of the fleet and more economical aircraft.

Lufthansa buys from five other aircraft of each type. This is an increase in the original order from March 2019, when Lufthansa ordered a total of 40 aircraft.

According to Lufthans Group Group leader Carsten Spohr, this is part of a strategy to buy a total of 175 new aircraft during this decade. “Even in these challenging times for aviation, we are investing in a more modern fleet that will bring lower emissions and environmental impact,” said Spohr. The new aircraft are to replace mainly the four-engine Airbus A340s.

The first dreamliners 787-9 are to be taken over by Lufthansa this winter. According to Lufthansa, these are aircraft that have already been manufactured, only they are waiting to be modified for Lufthansa. It can thus be expected that the manufacturer has provided a significant discount to the European customer. Boeing has a total of 45 orders with an order for the 777-9 model.

Airbus A350-900 are already flying in Lufthansa colors, five of the orders announced today are to be taken over by Lufthansa in the years 2027-2028.

Lufthansa reported a net loss of EUR 1.05 billion (CZK 27.2 billion) in the first quarter, which, however, fell by almost half year-on-year due to a significant reduction in costs. At the same time, the largest European aviation group, which includes Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Eurowings, has worsened the capacity outlook for this year. Lufthansa now counts 40 percent of the level before the pandemic, while less than two months ago it expected 40 to 50 percent.

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