Surprise in Canada: Even French speakers fail French language test

“It’s embarrassing to be French and fail the test,” said Yohan Flaman, a truck driver from Limoges, France. The Guardian. He moved to the Canadian region of Quebec, where French is spoken.

Native language

To get a residence permit, he only had to take a language test. But that was easier said than done. Flaman was refused a residence permit because his native language level would not be high enough.

According to the British newspaper, it is not the first time that the Canadian immigration service has come under fire because of the language requirements. Two years ago, a French PhD student was denied entry to Canada for not speaking French well enough. She appealed and was later granted a residence permit.


Canada is just about to get it easier for foreigners to become Canadian. The country is facing a shortage of immigrants and so it tries to entice students to settle permanently in the country.

“For someone who has not yet mastered French, it will be incredibly difficult to get a foothold here,” says Flaman. He later passed his test and can now stay in Canada.

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