Surprise in the Jogi Boateng team not there

Jogi Löw (58) announced the team for the last two international games of the year at noon today.

The biggest surprise: Bayern star Jerome Boateng (30), as previously reported by BILD, NOT included!

Boateng had already been beaten against the Netherlands (0: 3) afterwards, but had returned to the training ground two days later at Bayern.

Now the central defender takes a break after consulting the national team coach. "I spoke with Jerome Boateng and I am convinced that he is enjoying a break now," said Löw. "I told him that we also have many alternatives in his position, especially with younger players."

The coach of Bayern, Niko Kovac, disinterested: "This is news, but that does not mean that it will not return in the future, I do not think it's the end for Jerome in the national team".

Also there are not: Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The goalkeeper of FC Barcelona is to use the international break to cure shoulder problems that have tormented him for several weeks without being overloaded and cared for.

Toni Kroos will join the team only after the international match against Russia. Löw gives Real-Star a longer break for regeneration. The national coach: "For me it was important that he was fully operational against the Netherlands".

Interesting: there are no neophytes in the national team.

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Photo: Witters

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Jogi sets the direction. At the end of the year, the Löw trainer wants to win two victoriesPhoto: Witters

Fans have experienced the weakest international game year in the history of the DFB with the bitter goal of the World Cup and six losses.

Now the test against Russia in Leipzig (November 15) and the duel in the League of Nations with the Netherlands (November 19) in Gelsenkirchen are waiting for the boys of Jogi.

Against Oranje, the team could expect a final relegation. If the Netherlands were to lose against the French World Champion on November 16th, our national team could prevent the descent with a victory.


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