Surprise .. Security cancels Hamo Pekka's ceremony at the request of Hani Shaker


The artist Hani Shaker, head of music professions, thanked the security authorities of Alexandria for the quick response and arrest of the singer of the Hamo Bekaa festival, which would be held in the Ajami area.

The singer Amir Hani Shaker, announced his resentment for the state of deterioration of art that has clouded the taste of the public and more recently the emergence of Hamo Pika, on the media, embodying the status of singers without permission or permission from the union.

The prince of the song, Mansour Hindi, head of the union working committee, to prevent any licenses for these plaintiffs, as Shaker issued a decision to prosecute them legally to protect the art and society from these negative phenomena – as he said .

The legal and labor affairs committee in Alexandria prepared the number 13812 for the extortion section of 2108, against Hamo Beka and accused of singing without a license.

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