Surprise, Sony has launched a new less noisy PS4 Pro

"Pass a plane? No, it's my PS4"

In November 2016, Sony launched its PS4 Pro, an "overkill" console capable of running "dynamic" 4K games. The goal is simple: to counter Microsoft that comes with Xbox One X and switch to the technologies of the future (HDR, Ultra HD). Although this updated version has more specific technical characteristics than the basic console (better CPU, better GPU and more efficient memory), this does not prevent generating noise. A lot of noise.

Probably the owners of PS4 Pro will have noticed it, especially since they play at Red Dead Redemption 2, the machine tends to heat up very quickly. The reason? Gastronomic games (God of War, Spider-Man or the last Rockstar game in such a way) use the power of the console thoroughly and are optimized according to its architecture. The problem is that the fan that has to cool the components of the device often works at full speed and becomes very (too) distinctly.

Sony has created a new model, called the CUH-7200, which has a new power supply and new fan connections. As explained by our colleagues from Digital Foundry, the cable used to connect the fan passes through three similar 8-pin PC pins, similar to the one found on Xbox One S or PS4 Slim.

The Japanese manufacturer had already developed its original model of PS4 Pro with a version called CUH-7100 that allowed to switch to a sound of 47 dB at the top and 50 dB at the back (against 50 dB and 55 dB for the first grind ). With the CUH-7200, Sony has further improved up to 44 dB for the top and 48 dB for the back. A significant drop that should delight those who are allergic to fan noise.

For future buyers of a PS4 Pro, we can therefore advise you to check that it is a CUH-7200 (indicated on the back of the box) to benefit from the latest console revisions.

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