Survivor Series 2021 results: Roman Reigns beats Big E

Survivor Series 2021 show witnessed many important events and battles that we review with you as follows:

Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeats United States Champion Damien Priest by DQ

In the pre-season preview for Survivor Series, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated US Champion Damien Priest by DQ after Priest attacked Nakamura outside the ring with Rick Boggs’ guitar.

Raw Champion Becky Lynch defeated SmackDown Champion Charlotte Flair

Raw Champion Becky Lynch opened the Survivor Series fight with a precious victory over SmackDown Champion Charlotte Flair. Lynch managed to snatch the win after taking advantage of the referee’s inattention to use ropes to help her stabilize the Queen.

Team Raw defeats Team SmackDown in a Men’s 5v5 Elimination

Seth Rollins sealed the victory for Team Raw over Team SmackDown by eliminating Jeff Hardy in an Elimination 5 vs. 5 match. Kevin Owens initially pulled out of the fight to put Team Raw in trouble, before Finn Balor eliminated Happy Corbin and equalized then Bobby Lashley managed From the elimination of King Woods. After Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre were eliminated from the two teams by Count Out, Sheamus was able to eliminate Finn Balor before Austin Theory was able to eliminate Sheamus, leaving Jeff Hardy as the only SmackDown team member against Seth Rollins and Austin Theory. Hardy eliminated Thierry to limit the competition between him and Seth Rollins, who managed to seal the victory for Team RAW by pinning Jeff Hardy with a stomp knockout.

Omos wins Battle Royale with 25 stars from Raw and SmackDown

Giant Omos managed to win the Battle Royal after eliminating Apollo Cruz, Cesaro, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford and Ricochet respectively.

Raw Crown Champion Team RK Pro defeats SmackDown Tag Team Champion Team The Usos

On a historic night for Randy Orton, who broke the record for the most monthly title fights in WWE history, Raw Tag Team RKO’s WWE Champion defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions Tim The Usos after Orton pinned Jimmy Uso with a RKO kick.

Team Raw defeats SmackDown Women’s Team in a 5v5 Elimination match

Bianca Blair managed to hold out until the end to give Team Raw a win over Team SmackDown in a 5v5 Elimination. In the first moments, Tony Storm eliminated Carmella before making things even more difficult for Team Raw and she managed to eliminate Quinn Zelina, but she eventually fell to Liv Morgan. After teamwork from Sasha Banks and Schutze, Team SmackDown eliminated Liv Morgan before Shayna Pazler eliminated Rhea Ripley, leaving Bianca Blair alone in Team Raw against the SmackDown team’s quartet Sasha Banks, Shayna Pazler, Natalya and Schutzi. After a dispute in the ranks of the SmackDown team, Sasha Banks was eliminated by Count Out after strange behavior by Natalya and Shayna Baszler, then Bianca Blair managed to eliminate them, limiting the competition between her and Schutze and ultimately winning.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated WWE Champion Big E

In a war-like bout, Universal Champion Roman Reigns once again proved his supremacy by defeating WWE Champion Big E in the main event of Survivor Series. The two champions exchanged control of the fight and Reigns struggled to bring down Big E after three punches Superman, and while the head of the table was preparing for a fatal spur, Big E managed to turn the tables and bring down Reigns with a sudden spur kick. In the final moments of the fight, Reigns punched Superman in the face of Big E before hitting the injured leg of the WWE Champion; This paved the way for the Universal Champion to take down Big E with a spur knockout and pin him to all three.

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