SUS force receives enrollment for volunteers in Yanomami territory

The Ministry of Health released this domingo (22) a registration link for registration of new volunteers who want to support the National Force of SUS. At the moment, the actions are focused mainly on services in Yanomami territory, after the government declared a Public Health Emergency of National Importance in the region. Access the registration form here.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said, via Twitter, that the measure was taken after several volunteers offered help to the indigenous people.

“We received many messages from people wanting to help in the Yanomami territory. The Ministry of Health opened a registration form for volunteer health professionals. Help share. Brazil is the country of solidarity and hope,” she said.


The register is permanent, so that summons can be made in eventual future missions. To submit the application it is necessary to fill in the full name and area of ​​training.

Volunteers already called up will provide direct care to patients located at the Casa de Saúde Indígena (Casai) Yanomami and assistance at the Army field hospital. The team is made up of doctors, nurses and nutritionists who will act according to their specialties.

The National Force of the Unified Health System (FN-SUS) is a cooperation program created in November 2011 and aimed at carrying out prevention, assistance and repression measures in epidemiological situations, disasters or lack of assistance to the population when the population is exhausted. response capacity of the state or municipality.

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