Suspect perpetrator Christchurch pleads guilty to all charges NOW

Brenton Tarrant, the man prosecuted for attacking two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, says he is guilty of killing 51 religious. The man denied being responsible for the terrorist act for a year, even though he was caught red-handed.

New Zealand was rocked by a massacre on March 15 last year. A gunman opened fire in two locations across the city and shared live footage of the attack online.

Tarrant says he is now officially behind that attack. He also says he is guilty of forty attempted murders and the commission of a terrorist offense. It is not clear when a decision will be made in the case: Tarrant should officially appear in court in June.

Following the attack, the most bloody incident in New Zealand’s recent history, gun laws were tightened and a massive firearms collection campaign was underway. Many residents have voluntarily relinquished their weapon parts and firearms. At the end of December, the counter stood at nearly 60,000 weapons and 200,000 weapon parts.

Assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons are now banned in New Zealand. 29-year-old Australian Tarrant had purchased a number of weapons online from a gun store in Christchurch, while a military weapon had been purchased elsewhere.


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