Suspected personal belongings taken away from residence Xu Weizhou studio calls for rational star chasing jqknews

Original title: Suspected personal belongings of the residence were taken away, Xu Weizhou’s studio appeals to sensibly chasing stars

The Beijing News reported on November 28, Xu Weizhou’s studio issued an article calling on everyone to chase the stars rationally and attach the suspect’s photo taken by the camera. The post stated that recently, at the door of Xu Weizhou’s residence, individuals were once again found staying for no reason and suspected of taking away personal belongings. The studio hereby seriously warns related personnel that this behavior has seriously violated Xu Weizhou’s personal privacy, and the studio reserves the right to pursue his legal responsibility to protect Xu Weizhou’s personal safety and legal rights. At the same time, I urge everyone to respect each other, chase stars rationally, be cautious in words and deeds, and actively spread positive energy.

Photo of the suspect posted in the studio

At the same time, the studio said that it is still in the epidemic and hopes that everyone will seriously abide by the prevention and control policy, do not gather, prohibit all behaviors such as staying at the hotel, crew, onlookers and disturbing the order of the shooting site, pay attention to personal protection, and pay attention to public safety.

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