Sustainable smartphone manufacturer Fairphone attracts EUR 49 million in investments

At a time when electronics are becoming increasingly complex and manufacturers are trying to limit arbitrary disassembly as much as possible, the Netherlands-based company Fairphone is a breath of fresh air. It has been developing and marketing sustainable smartphones for ten years. Namely, these are smartphones that have been offered support, spare parts and accessories for a very long time. And it’s not just for the sake of it, because in recent years it is being forced by the bureaucrats of the USA and the European Union. Fairphone is serious!

Therefore, the fact that the company has managed to attract EUR 49 million in investments is a positive thing. This amount is more than the less than 30 million euros that the company has managed to attract in the last 10 years. This funding is provided by Invest-NL, ABN AMRO and Quadia, which have also featured in previous funding rounds. The company promises to use this funding in the growth of the company, as well as in the promotion of its idea.

With the European Union increasingly talking about sustainable technology and electronics repair options, this is a time of great opportunity for a company like Fairphone. In their case, the plus is ten years of experience, several developed products and a loyal customer base.

Perhaps one of our readers uses one of the Fairphone phones? What are the reviews?

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