News SUTET Tower Support Pillar Collapses, 4 Workers Killed

SUTET Tower Support Pillar Collapses, 4 Workers Killed

SUMEDANG, – A total of four workers were killed when the pillars were crushed by an extra high tension air line tower (SUTET) in Pasirangin Hamlet, Margaluyu Village, Tanjungsari District, Regency Sumedang, West Java, Wednesday (12/8/2020).

The four workers are Wawan (42), Andri (26), Yadi (40), and Mansyur (60), residents of Cisitu Village, Malangbong District, Garut Regency.

Residents around the location of the SUTET tower, namely Mamad (55), said that this incident occurred around 17.45 WIB.

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“I don’t know the exact cause of the incident. According to other workers, the supporting pillars tower The SUTET collapsed suddenly, “Mamad told, Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Tanjungsari Koramil Commander Infantry Captain Dedi Ruanto said, Wawan and Andri died at the scene, while the other two, Yadi and Mansyur, died an hour after arriving at the puskesmas.

“The four workers are residents from Malangbong District, Garut Regency,” said Dedi to

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Dedi said that the SUTET support pole collapsed when the workers dismantled it.

“The SUTET pole collapsed and hit the four workers while it was being dismantled,” said Dedi.

Dedi said, the SUTET tower support poles had a height of more than 20 meters.

“All of the victims will be handed over to the family tonight,” said Dedi.



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