Suzan and Bert from MAFS are both very different in the situation

In conversation with their expert, it soon becomes apparent that Bert and Suzan look back on their adventure together quite differently. Suzan has an explanation for that. “I noticed that I was getting annoyed by things, when I wasn’t fair is to Bert, because he is a very sweet nice man, but I can’t fall in love with that. “

Bert says the following: “There was once a wall built somewhere and it never went down. After living together, I also tried to ask if we could meet something, I got a fairly clear no. Then the door did close. “

Suzan then emphasizes that the couple never had a fight, so that the two can also get along well. “Because you’re not sitting here like you want to beat each other’s brains,” says their expert Pablo. Bert then also emphasizes that there have never been any problems between him and Suzan. “That’s why I thought it was such a shame that you didn’t want to meet me”, he says afterwards.

Pablo spoke to RTL Boulevard about the couples weekend. You can see more about this in the video below.

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