Sweating While Sleeping? Beware of These Health Problems

There are times when sweating during sleep should be watched out for as a sign of health problems.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Sweating at night is basically normal. However, there are times sweating while sleeping night should be watched out for as a sign of health problems.

The human body can sweat at any time, including at night. Several factors that can trigger sweating during sleep at night are the weather to warm sheets and blankets.

However, night sweats should not be ignored if the room temperature or the weather is not warm. In addition, the sweat that comes out is so excessive that it makes clothes and sheets wet.

Excessive sweating at night can be triggered by several things health problems physical or mental. Some of them hot flushes in menopause, stress and anxiety, low blood sugar levels, hyperhidrosis, use of alcohol and drugs, to the use of drugs such as antidepressants.

One should consult a doctor if this problem of night sweats occurs on a regular basis. The doctor will help determine the cause of this excessive sweating and provide a way out.

If excessive sweating at night is a side effect of medication, your doctor may recommend an alternative medication. If this sweat problem is caused by menopause, your doctor may be able to provide hormonal therapy options.

If the problem of sweating at night has no clear cause, there are several therapies that can be done to relieve complaints. One of these is a prescription for a strong antiperspirant containing aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

“In extreme cases, some sufferers may opt for a low-voltage electric current therapy called iontophoresis or even surgery,” said Dr Aesthetica’s co-founder and aesthetic doctor, Dr Baldeep Farmah Metro, Tuesday (7/12).

The operation in question is surgery to remove or disable the sweat glands. Tablets containing propantheline can also be used as an option.

Avoid various triggers of night sweats. Some of these triggers are stress, consumption of alcohol or spicy foods, smoking, and heavy blankets.

Try to use pajamas made of materials breathable, for example cotton or silk. When using a heating machine, this machine should also not be turned on at night.


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