Health Swedish corona approach leads to more deaths -

Swedish corona approach leads to more deaths –

As one of the few countries in the world, Sweden chose not to institute a lockdown when the corona crisis broke out. Shops, schools and catering facilities remained open and the aim was to achieve group immunity. The result: lots of deaths and herd immunity is hard to find.

Researchers David Goldsmith and Eric Orlowski from University College London compared Sweden’s figures with neighboring countries Denmark, Finland and Norway. In the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine they wrote: The forecast was that by May 40 percent of residents of the capital Stockholm would have had the virus. In reality, that turns out to be barely 15 percent.

Goldsmith: “It is clear that not only is the number of viral infections, hospitalizations and deaths (per million inhabitants) much higher than in neighboring Scandinavian countries, but that the time course of the epidemic in Sweden is also different, with a persistently higher infection rate. and mortality well past the critical several-week period identified in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

The strict lockdown introduced by countries in March thus seems more successful than Sweden’s casual approach, but the researchers nuance: “We can only fully understand the pandemic and the impact of the measures after at least 1 to 2 years. Only then is an honest assessment possible. ”



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