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Danish TV 2 wrote just after 10:00 on Friday morning that they had received confirmation of the incident from the Copenhagen police.

Less than three quarters of an hour later, the Copenhagen police report on Twitter that it all turned out to be a joke. The bag was completely harmless and the terminal is open again.

The police have arrested the man and reported him for threats. At the same time, they urgently request that such things are not joked about, as people get scared.

Suspended from work

The evening paper writes that it was a Swedish national team coach who contributed to the closure of terminal 2 at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen.

The national team manager in the Swedish handball association, Hanna Fogelström, confirms that the coach has now been suspended from his job.

– It is an action and behavior that is not okay. As a result, we have stripped him of his assignment, she adds The Express.

When the man was about to check in, he was asked what he had in his luggage. His answer then was that he had a bomb.

Terminal 2 at the airport, where the man was, was completely blocked off, and all employees and travelers were evacuated.

They had to wait patiently outside the airport while their luggage was examined.

Arrested and charged

The emergency services went to examine the luggage and before the result was clear, the duty manager announced i by Copenhagen Police, Espen Godiksen, for Danish TV 2:

– When it is said “bomb” at an airport, we must have investigated it. We have to work on the assumption that it is a bomb. That is why we have blocked off Terminal 2.

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The national team coach has now been arrested and charged with threats. The police explain that he must have tried to be funny.

– We would like to emphasize that you should stop joking about that kind of thing, as we have to react to it.

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