Sweezy: Kyler Murray will perform the confrontation with Wilson


Ask a scout, coach or player to compare Kyler Murray's absolute first choice with a NFL QB and an immediate response generally returns: Russell Wilson.

Whether it is the elusiveness, the strength of the arms, the precision of the deep ball, the background of baseball or the obvious comparison of heights, Wilson is the most common name evoked for Murray. The hype is a lot to experience considering Wilson's success.

After an off-season training session, a man who used to block for the Seattle Seahawks signal was in agreement with the comparisons between Wilson and Murray.

"I see hundreds of similarities," said the guard of new cardinals Jerry Sweezy when asked about the confrontation between Murray and Wilson, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN. "I always say, we have to see this guy play really, I think he'll be fine, but just to be compared to Russell Wilson is a great compliment.

"He's going to back up, I just like that he has been compared to him already and everything. It will be great."

Murray entered offseason training with high expectations after being drafted in first place in the Kliff Kingsbury system in Arizona. The combination of pass-heavy sets, with Murray's ability to climb out of pressure, makes the game perfect on paper.

As we reached the summer weeks before the retreat, Murray equaled the uproar, according to teammates.

"Everything I've heard, is at its height," said Justin Pugh. "And I've heard a lot of good things, so it's been great so far."

Murray's teammates praised him for everything, from his insight into games, fluidity in his pocket, speed, precision and leadership. All the traits that Wilson boasted as a young passer-by.

"It's strong, calm, collected, smooth," said Murray's Sweezy. "Make a mistake, go back, correct, be honest, honestly."

It's a good sign that Murray's teammates offer ample and captivating reviews of the rookie quarterback. In the face, or provisional evaluations, they would predict problems for a reconstruction franchise that downloaded a QB of the first round to make a change to Murray.

At the same time, we only saw football in shorts. Murray will have much more to process and demonstrate once the electrodes light up in the training camp and the preseason starts in late July.

"He showed nothing but great leadership, hard work and doing the right thing," Pugh said. "Once we have the protections, we will have a lot more feeling with each other, and I can't wait to do it."



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