SWIFT denies the use of ripple

The Swift logo (Photo: dpa)

The Swift logo (Photo: dpa)

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The SWIFT payment system denies the use of ripple

Interbank payment network SWIFT says it will not cooperate with the xRapid ripple solution, reports Finance Magnates. According to rumors, an update of the SWIFT network should make Ripple's transfer products available to thousands of banking customers.

The SWIFT interbank payment system has been criticized for its slowness and cumbersome approach. That's why SWIFT is planning the GPI (Global Payments Innovation) upgrade. SWIFT, however, denied the rumors of ripple.

The GPI update, scheduled for 18 November, apparently uses other approaches to modernize the banking network, which, according to Harry Newman, head of banking at SWIFT, is a 1998 model.

The XRP cryptocurrency, used in some of Ripple's payment systems, was able to overcome stagnation and recorded significant gains this week. For a short time, XRP even exceeded Ethereum (ETH) as the second cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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