Swiss aircraft poorly rated for the internet

Published on 30.07.2022

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Aviation » “Swiss companies are not yet in the 21st century,” according to Moneyland.

Addicts who can’t live without an internet connection in the air have to be chomping at the bit if they fly with Swiss or Edelweiss. The offer of the two Swiss companies is expensive or non-existent, notes Moneyland.

The German-speaking price comparator recently published a study on the possibilities of access and the prices of the Internet on board the various companies, and the result is not to the advantage of at least three of the five main companies operating in Switzerland.

Easyjet and Edelweiss do not offer any internet access, whatever the flight. At Swiss, it is possible to connect to some intercontinental flights, but not to European destinations. And the Swiss company is expensive: you have to pay 9 francs for 20 megabytes (MB) on long-haul flights, 19 fr. for 50 MB, 39 fr. for 120 MB and 59 fr. for 220 MB.

At Lufthansa, the parent company of Swiss, for an equal amount of data, the price is about eight times cheaper since the German company offers 1 gigabyte for 29 euros, calculated the telecommunications specialist of Moneyland, Ralf Beyeler. At KLM, it is possible to have unlimited internet for 30 euros at the intercontinental (12 euros in Europe). “Swiss companies have not yet landed in the 21st century,” concludes Ralf Beyeler. “With almost all other companies, Internet access is now taken for granted and is advantageous.” ATS

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