Switch it? Do you reject the option? 8 scenarios for the future of Nick Foles – The Athletic


One of the most urgent questions that the Eagles face this offseason is how to proceed with Nick Foles.

The team can exercise a $ 20 million option in the Foles contract to keep the quarterback for 2019. But it's not that simple. Fouls can cancel this option by paying $ 2 million to the team. He would then become a free agent.

There are many factors that eagles must weigh. They are in line to receive a compensatory choice if the option is refused by the team or canceled by Foles. Could they try to keep his rights and then exchange it? Is the franchise tag at stake?

To make sense of all this, I invented the eight scenarios that could interpret this offseason with Foles. So I put every scene at the former president of Eagles, Joe Banner, to get his thoughts. He also assessed with what scenarios he considers probable and which, in his mind, are long strokes.

Scenario 1: Eagles declines the Foles option for 2019

Eagles & # 39; …



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