Sydney, hundreds of soldiers in the streets to enforce the lockdown. Confinement at least until 28 August

Lockdown prolonged at least until August 28 and cases that continue to increase, with the delta variant which has caused nearly 3,000 cases and 9 deaths since June. And after the weekend protests against the new weeks of confinement to contain the spread of the pandemic, a Sydney mounts the controversy for the arrival of hundreds of military – the request of the chief of police Mick Fuller is 300 soldiers – to help law enforcement enforce the lockdown imposed by the government which, however, has not so far decreased the infections. A measure that many citizens consider exaggerated. The soldiers of theAustralian Defence Force, he writes Bbc, will be trained during the weekend and on Monday they will join the patrols of the security forces. As established by the authorities, i residents they can only leave the house for work, shopping, reasons sanitary and do gymnastics. Furthermore, in the most affected areas – which affect a total of over two million inhabitants – the obligation to wear an outdoor mask has been introduced. In the last 24 hours health authorities they registered 170 new cases in the country’s largest city.

In Australia, with a population of approx 25 million people, over 33 thousand cases of coronavirus have so far been confirmed with just over 900 deaths. And to date, about 11 million doses of vaccines have been administered on a total population of 25 million inhabitants. To date, only 14.3% are fully vaccinated and the immunization campaign continues to proceed slowly.

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In protests anti-lockdown on Sunday 25 July, when thousands of Australians violated anti-Coronavirus measures, hundreds of people were fined and dozens were incriminate. He first Scott Morrison he defined the protests ‘selfish and counterproductive’ because in this way “no purpose is achieved” nor “will the lockdown“. The investigators have examined the Images of social media and videos of cameras closed circuit and those worn by agents to identify and punish all those who have violated the provisions of lockdown, entered its fifth week.

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