Sylvia Pasquel reports good health of Silvia Pinal after surgery

“He has already left the operation and is doing very well,” he assured. Sylvia Pasquehe EL UNIVERSAL, after reporting on the state of his mother’s health, the actress Silvia Pinal.

On Friday afternoon, Pinal, star of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, underwent surgery to remove a hip fracture he suffered Thursday, after suffering a fall at home.

“My mom is an oak!” Said Pasquel, shortly before her mother entered the operating room at a hospital in Mexico City.

Through social networks, Silvia Pinal’s daughter broadcast a video confirming that the producer of “Woman Cases of Real Life” is already in her room, waiting for the green light to return home and perform her therapies.

“Thank you to everyone who cared about her. Mrs. Pinal, as we have always said, is an oak, a healthy woman who always emerges victorious from all battles, “he said.

Pasquel is now in Acapulco and, on medical recommendation, he was asked not to travel to the capital, because due to his age, he is at risk from the Covid-19 pandemic.


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