Sylvie Tellier defends Miss France and explains why the candidate for Miss Guadeloupe was excluded

While the controversy does not calm down, Sylvie Tellier has once again defended the eviction of Annaëlle Guimbi from the election of Miss Guadeloupe and explained the real reasons why the candidate who posed naked was excluded.

An evil unfortunately necessary. Sylvie Tellier once again took the floor to explain theexclusion of Annaëlle Guimbi from the election of Miss Guadeloupe which has been controversial for several days. Candidate for this regional election intended to designate the local contender to Miss France 2021, the young woman was disqualified for having participated in a naked shooting. She posed topless for artistic shots as part of a campaign against breast cancer. But this eviction quickly attracted criticism, because the said photos were taken for a good cause and we do not see the chest of the aspiring miss.

Faced with the controversy, Sylvie Tellier has defended the exclusion of Annaëlle Guimbi’s beauty contest, explaining that the Miss France committee had only applied the rules. But she did not succeed in extinguishing the controversy. Herself a former Miss France, Alexandra Rosenfeld has, like many personalities, regretted that the young woman was penalized for supporting a good cause. The director of Miss France has therefore chosen to intervene again this Sunday, August 23.

Sylvie Tellier defends Miss France

In a long message posted on her personal Instagram account, Sylvie Tellier justified the choice of the Miss France committee a little more explicitly. The former beauty queen first recalled the importance of the fight against breast cancer, a fight of the most important for Miss France: “The organization Miss France and the Miss France who came from it have always been mobilized and committed in favor of the fight against breast cancer. Our association Les Bonnes Fées is committed on a daily basis and has been for 5 years with people who suffer from it. Any initiative in favor of the fight against breast cancer is commendable and must be encouraged “.

“Avoid recourse to annul the election”

She then explained the real reasons for the eviction of Annaëlle Guimbi to put an end to the shortcuts which ignited the critics. “I understand the incomprehension of some following the non-participation of Annaëlle Guimbi in the election of Miss Guadeloupe” started Sylvie Tellier. The Miss France committee, however, had no other choice, to “avoid an appeal for annulment of the election” which would have sanctioned all participants. The candidate having broken the rules, if she had taken part in the beauty contest, the association of Guadeloupe would have exposed itself to a possible procedure: “Indeed, the regulations of Miss France do not allow to participate in photos, audiovisual recordings or any event exposing the private parts of a candidate”.

Sylvie Tellier regrets not having had knowledge of these photos earlier, an arrangement could then have been found: “While our regulations do not explicitly provide for exceptions, we know how to be sensitive and flexible when the context is particular.” The director of Miss France therefore encourages future candidates to submit photos and videos potentially violating the rules as soon as they register so that the committee can “have the necessary time to understand the context and study them”.

Not a sanction

The exclusion of Annaëlle Guimbi is therefore not personal and is not a sanction. Sylvie Tellier, who is sorry for this situation, has also contacted the former candidate for Miss Guadeloupe to explain the situation to him: “I personally made sure with Annaëlle Guimbi that she understood that the will of the organization was not to sanction her but to allow other candidates to be able to participate in the Miss Guadeloupe adventure without risk of cancellation. “ Annaëlle Guimbi herself has always said she understands Miss France’s decision and calls for calm since the start of the controversy.

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