Sylwia Bomba responds to accusations about stardom: “It was one situation!”

Sylwia Bomba she became known to a wider audience thanks to the program “Gogglebox“, from where it went to the 25th edition”Dancing with the stars“. Recently there have been reports that the explosive nature of the celebrity makes itself felt on the set of a dance show. Her trainer, Jacek Jeshke, he said that he had been hit with a shoe more than once by a 33-year-old girl, and he also heard a few curses from her in his direction. The scandalous behavior of the celebrity was also experienced by other people working on the production of the program.

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Of course I’m not a star. I am very sorry that you described it all in such an awkward way. But what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. This article proved to me that all tricks are allowed in show business. I’ve been on TV for eight years and it’s impossible to pretend to be likeable during such a time she insisted, angry.

Sylvia did not intend to show remorse and she was constricted, claiming that her behavior was badly received by Polsat employees. Our reporter had to explain the whole situation to her again.


Absolutely! I believe 90% of these accusations were bogus – Bomb tries to defend himself.

Sylwia later eluded that the opinion of the production might have been triggered by “a certain situation” that had taken place, but she was reluctantly getting into the details of the incident. Finally, annoyed Sylwia accused the reporter Pudelka and the production of lying about her behavior.

These were many people’s complaints – reminded Michał Dziedzic.


I don’t think you’re exactly telling the truth. I think it is about one situation. I don’t know if I can tell a story here. Health matters come in here Sylwia began to explain.

It was the aftermath of one situation. I’ve always been nice. I always say hello, goodbye, thank you. I appeal to all viewers – have heart, intuition in you. Viewers are not fooled by such articles or by pretending to be likeable. You, Pudelek, are especially famous for juicy comparisons – the celebrity summed up.

Do you believe in its translation?


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