Symfonisk: IKEA and Sonos present a range of speakers connected to the video without showing it


IKEA could be one of the largest furniture sellers in the world, the company has realized that connected objects and home automation will become very popular in our homes very soon. The Swedish brand (of origin) therefore develops products that follow this new trend. He recently put up a system of connected light bulbs compatible with the Phillips Hue connection bridge and is about to exit the shutters with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

The brand this time intends to address the sound of your home. He has just presented a video that evokes the launch of his range of connected Symphonisk speakers.

Designed in collaboration with Sonos, for the moment it should be divided into two models, although we cannot see them here because they are blurred. They should still look like the prototypes that had been shown before.

So we can expect something sober, that we can blend very easily into the decor. The speakers will obviously work with Sonos branded speakers and other devices connected from Sweden.

Ikea has not provided additional technical information on the speakers and it will probably be necessary to wait for the official presentation, to be held from 9 to 14 April in Milan. Same thing for the price, although Sonos is known to show relatively high prices. The second, however, is distinguished by a much more convenient tariff policy. We are therefore anxious to find out in more detail what the two companies have prepared for us.


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