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Take note now, the following are the symptoms of DHF in children aged 2 years. – The following is Symptoms of DHF in a 2 year old child.

DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever) is a disease that spreads through the bite of a mosquito infected with the dengue virus.

This disease can attack him, especially children and infants.

So, do not be surprised if this disease is often labeled as one of the deadliest diseases.

Usually, this disease is very common in the tropics when the rainy season arrives.

If Moms’ families live in areas with a high risk of dengue, immediately protect children from mosquito bites.

This also applies when your family goes to an area with a high dengue risk.

The symptoms of dengue fever in children on average are difficult to recognize, because they are almost similar to the symptoms of infection in general, but there are slight differences.

Launching the CDC page, here are some of the symptoms of DHF in 2-year-old children.

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– Have a fever (temperature below 36 degrees Celsius)

– Drowsiness, lack of energy, or often angry

– Appear skin rash

Unusual bleeding in the gums or nose (nosebleeds)

– There are bruises

– Vomiting three more times a day

If you notice that your little one is experiencing some of the symptoms above, immediately contact the nearest doctor.

The reason is, if not treated immediately, the symptoms he suffers will become very dangerous and require intensive treatment as soon as possible.

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In fact, in certain cases, it can result in death quickly and without notice.

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So, how to solve it?

Here are some ways to deal with DHF in a 2 year old child.

1. Control child’s fever

You can give him paracetamol according to the label directions, or as approved by your doctor.

In addition, you can also give him a cold shower with a soft sponge.

2. Keep the liquid full

Moms should know, dehydration is a condition in which children lose a lot of body fluids due to fever, vomiting, or not drinking much.

As a solution, give drinking water or electronic drinks for children.

Hope it’s useful, Moms!

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