Syracuse basketball could land a 5-star jewel of the 2020 class crown


Syracuse basketball is trying to add the last piece of the 2020 class to November. Here are all the juicy details of this talented player.

Syracuse basketball has already done an extraordinary job on the 2020 recruitment track with two 4-star perspectives heading towards central New York.

The 4-star striker Woody Newton made a tough commitment to the Orange a few months ago. The Baltimore, Maryland product has all the tools to be a key gear for Syracuse next season and beyond.

While more recently the combined guard Kadary Richmond has also promised its future to the Orange. New Hampshire's four-star perspective gave some other great opportunities to join the team.

The last piece of the puzzle is the five-star striker Isaiah Jackson. He went to three final schools: Alabama, Kentucky and Syracuse.

On November 15 or 16 he will take his official college decision on his future. The time and place of your announcement will be published later.

Although technically Syracuse has no open seats in the squad for next year, it can make room.

Strangely, Orange has zero seniors on the 2019-20 roster, which means that at the moment there are no openings to adapt to either of the two commitments or a third potential to Jackson.

But some things to keep an eye on:

Buddy Boeheim is the son of coach of the Hall of Fame Jim Boeheim. It currently counts as a scholarship, but it is not obligated due to a hole in the rules. This opens a dot.

Quincy Guerrier, a Canadian freshman, is already a choice planned for the first round in the 2020 NBA Draft, if he realizes all his potential, he will be ready and ready on the hill, which means that another point could open up.

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If Syracuse is able to secure a five-star commitment, it would be a first world problem to understand how it would fit the team. Many fans have questioned the ability of recruiting coach Jim Boeheim, if he is able to grab a talented five-star recruit in a position of need, he could really increase the fan base and the talent level of the team in general.


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