T-Mobile advertises merger in closing argument

John Legere

T-Mobile boss John Legere listened to the closing arguments in the New York court.

(Photo: AP)

new York Shortly before the end of a key process for the multi-billion dollar merger of the US telecommunications subsidiary T-Mobile US The rival Sprint has once again given vigorous warnings of the plans. The merger will result in higher prices and poorer quality for millions of US consumers, said New York representative Letitia James, acting on behalf of the complaining US states.

Attorney Glenn Pomerantz said the merger would put at least 130 million mobile customers at risk of paying billions of dollars a year. The representatives of the two mobile phone companies replied that the merger would compete with the top dogs in the US Verizon and AT & T exacerbate.

T-Mobile lawyer David Gelfand said in his closing statement that the merger could save costs, which in turn would result in lower prices for customers.

The states filed a lawsuit in June saying they violated US competition law. The U.S. Department of Justice conditionally approved the merger in July. In December, both sides had brought their arguments before the New York court. Observers expect a decision in February.

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is expected to create a mobile giant that, according to previous information, has over 130 million customers and annual sales of around $ 76 billion. Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges, who testified in the proceedings, has repeatedly advertised the merger that has been sought for years as a big hit. The corporations want to finally bring the merger to 2020.

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