Business T-Mobile will not cut services for non-payment

T-Mobile will not cut services for non-payment


T-Mobile Puerto Rico vice president and general manager Jorge Martel revealed that the use of data on the island has increased by 15% among its users and clarified that they have the capacity for the large flow of customers.

Starting from the premise that communications, such as wireless networks, are classified as essential services, Martel reported that he has already entered into dialogues with the governor, Wanda Vázquez, to authorize the opening of several service centers.

“Some people need devices. Every time they are going to continue increasing the number of people who lose or damage their cell phones,” said the general manager, adding that he agrees with the prevention of contagion measures, but they understand that the best way to attend to the customer is in person.

Martel’s expressions come as the company launched a new plan, T-Mobile Connect, rather than waiting for the merger with Sprint to end, as originally planned.

T-Mobile Connect consists of a $ 15 a month plan, plus tax, and includes unlimited calling and texting, plus data on 2GB high-speed smartphones, including access to T-Mobile’s national 5G network.

“We want to help everyone have an affordable option to connect and stay connected during these difficult times,” said the businessman, ruling out the possibility of networks collapsing as a result of increased consumption.

Martel informed that he will not be suspending the service of the clients due to non-payment and assured that during this time those who fail to pay the invoice on time will not be penalized with additional charges.

In keeping with the launch of the new plan, the company granted various incentives to its clients during the coronavirus emergency on the island. “Current customers who have plans with data, will have unlimited data on their Smartphones for the next 60 days (does not apply to roaming).

Since March 20, users have received an additional 20 GB of mobile hotspot for the next 60 days (10GB per billing cycle for the next 60 days) for each voice line. In addition, the company expanded roaming access so that Sprint customers can use the T-Mobile network.

“As traffic has increased in the past two weeks, the network is working well thanks to the large investments we have made with unlimited LTE and now 5G and we are continuously monitoring it and making changes as necessary,” said Martel.

To purchase the T-Mobile Connect Plan at the moment it is only by Telesales 1-877-774-3635.

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