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Utena “Uniclub Casino – Juventus” team – addition to the high-rise chain. The team was joined by a 25-year-old 204 cm tall basketball player Tomas Zdanavičius. An indefinite short-term contract was signed with the attacker.

T.Zdanavičius started this season in Iceland, where he defended the honor of the Reykjavik IR team. In the Icelandic league, the taller scored an average of 13.6 points (49.3% of the two-pointers, 33.3% of the three-pointers, 80% of the fines), rebounded 5.7 points and scored 14.4 points in the Icelandic league. .

Last season, the basketball player wore the Telšiai team shirt. In the National Basketball League (NKL), the striker scored an average of 12.3 points in 20 minutes, rebounded 4.8 points and scored 12.6 utility points.

“The search for the taller took much longer than we planned, and we couldn’t work longer without the normal training process. So we decided to invite Tom until we could find a midfielder for the rest of the season. Of course, we don’t want to underestimate Tom, he proved in last year’s NKL championship that he is already ready to rise to a higher level, so we expect real help from him not only in training, but also in matches, “said E. Skersis, the club’s director.

He will not be a newcomer in Utena. In 2016, the midfielder had a short-term contract with the current team and scored 4 points and rebounded in 4 official matches.

T. Zdanavičius ‘debut is expected in the upcoming weekend match, where Utena’s Uniclub Casino – Juventus will fight with Pasvalys’ Milk Stars.

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