Tab Caravan by Knaus Tabbert


MAnche statement of the expert is so obvious that you would not contradict on principle. “An egg stays an egg,” says the expert tire mechanic, meaning that he can balance as he wants, but the wheel still does not run smoothly. Elsewhere, the oval shape is more prized, the trailers of the tab called Caravans by Knaus Tabbert are a conspiratorial community of nonconformists. They love their knick-wing ball, and nothing normal would fit in either their minds or the hooks.

Luke Weber

Luke Weber

Editor in the department “Technology and Engine”.

The author of these lines belongs to the clan, for years a Tab 320 serves as a holiday accomodation. The colleague was traveling with the current version not too long ago (technology and engine of January 3, 2017) and full of praise – with the restriction that the knobbly bed trailer with kitchenette for his stately build but something tiny turns out. The man can be helped. In addition to the original, there is a variant under the name Tab 400 (the number roughly corresponds to the useful length) for some years, which has gained a number in everything. A big egg that still looks almost like the little egg. According to the company, the idea comes up, the two share the market fraternally.

From the outside, the 400 at the two portholes instead of the one to the left can be seen, also there is a slender window on the round, but longer-drawn back and significantly more overhang behind the axis. The locus of the petite wet cell is emptied via an external flap, in the small, there are both not even, instead, a seat box in the living room, in which a Winzklo can be accommodated. In the sanitary room of the 400 can be showered for an extra charge even shower, which is rather of theoretical value for the colleague, because he was on everywhere. But he could stand despite Gardemaß in the entire interior. The increase in length (597 instead of 517 centimeters, width (225 compared to 201 and height (261 instead of 255 centimeters) makes so beneficial in every way, the utility increases.This goes along with a floor plan change, the kitchen wand wandlicher with three-burner on the long side opposite the sanitary cell and the badly compact cupboard, in the bow there is a seating group for nominally three persons, under which a water tank with 45 liters content is put in. Really there is space only for two people, and even those sit in the long run not overly comfortable, because the backrest is steep, compensating for the panoramic view from the large window forward and, if necessary, the group can be converted into a bed.

For the third bed, the seating group must be sacrificed.


The tab 400 is comfortable in the long run only for two people, at most with a child. They must like each other, because the bed in the rear – it is firmly installed and has a slatted frame – is only 145 centimeters wide, is slept transversely to the direction of travel. Compared to the little brother, which offers 30 centimeters more width on the converted seat group, but leaves lying longitudinally, has the pros and cons: If not perfectly ideal orientation of the car on the ramp, the head is just a little higher, which does not affect the Sleep; The inclination to the partner is leveled with millimeter accuracy over the crank of the drawbar, which is not possible when sleeping in the longitudinal direction. But one of them, if he or she wants to leave the bed at night, has to climb over the other. The well-formed back of the Tab proves to be annoying, somewhere always hits the head – usually on the sun protection slats of the rear window, complaining about it loud. And because we are already at the noise: The setting up and closing is done effortlessly by means of an electric motor, which is clearly audible and works frighteningly slowly. At night it is embarrassing at the campsite.

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