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Have you ever? When watching a drama or watching a series on TV, you can’t watch it for a long time because it will hurt your neck for a while. Now my eyes hurt a bit. Some people like to sleep on their side, it’s a barrier to watch the series because they have to read the subtitles and eventv standNo matter how beautiful or expensive it is, it can’t be helped. But today we have found a solution for you! Because today we will introduce the hottest tablet of the year 2021 that will definitely answer your needs, whether sitting, lying, in any position, you can watch the series to the fullest. Plus, it’s good for studying and working. It’s very suitable for the Work From Home period. What models are there? Let’s follow.

Apple iPad Gen 8th

Let’s start with the first one with the all-time hot tablet from the Apple brand that was first launched 11 years ago, which called for a landslide of sales and a lot of buzz and in 3 years. Then Apple produced the first iPad for education. Using the name iPad Generation 6 comes with Apple Pencil 1 that when used together makes it easy to write, draw and take notes on the iPad. Plus, save paper and save a lot of money buying books or photocopies of study sheets. And with an affordable price, this iPad Generation 8 has captured the hearts of many students.

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Let’s get to know the iPad Generation 8 a little more, starting with a 10.2-inch Retina screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1620p, which is enough for playing games. Look at the series and work a lot with the powerful A12 BIonic chip, faster than normal laptops, which is the same chip used in the iPhone Xs and iPad Air 3. Any ios disciples still love the home button in iPad Generation. 8 is still available as before It can be said that it’s worth it. It’s worth the price. It’s also available in 3 colors (Silver, Gold, Space Gray) and 2 capacities.
(32 GB,128 GB) It’s a must have.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Android fans must cry for sure! Because Samsung has already produced a complete tablet. Still a comfortable price like the Galaxy TAB A7 model, which must be said first that it is suitable for people who want to have a large-screen tablet to play games. watch series Or doing various tasks can be done comfortably, plus the price starts at only 8,490 baht. It can be said that if you carry ten thousand, you will have a change.

tablet for work or watching series  Which brand to choose?  let's see
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For the details of the Galaxy TAB A7, this one comes with a 10.4-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2000 x 1200p (Full HD). Although this tablet costs less than 10,000, the material of the device is not. cheap according to the price Because the Samsung body uses almost all metal. Except for the top edge of the machine, which is a signal tower, it uses polycarbonate material. And there is a surface on the back of the uniform (Matte) that makes it not fingerprints when used. and the key highlights of Galaxy TAB The A7 is the front camera that is placed in the horizontal edge of the screen. To focus on the use of video calls or conference calls easier than a tablet with a vertical selfie camera and 4 speakers, and also has a Dolby Atmos sound system, which the sound quality will compete with the model. Brother Tab S7 series can’t, but can be used to watch Netflix movies. There is a left-right dimension separation. very well Considered to be another tablet that is quite interesting.

HUAWEI MatePad T10s

It’s time for a new, powerful brand like the HUAWEI brand that recently launched the HUAWEI MatePad T10s. It has been popular to a certain extent because it is a small tablet, but the specification is very large. The price is affordable for all genders and ages. Who can resist! Let’s look at the specifications of this small tablet.

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The HUAWEI MatePad T10s comes with a 10.1-inch FullView display that provides a realistic view like the eyes. 1920 x 1200p sharpness takes the sharpness to the next level with HUAWEI ClariVuTM technology, an algorithm that automatically adjusts the screen and design. pleasant to the touch for flexibility The most important feature of this tablet is the Kids Corner feature that offers games and exercises to help foster imagination while improving your child’s learning. With up to 6 layers of eye protection and also alerts if the tablet is inappropriately used. There is a mode for reading eBooks to keep reading for a long time, plus a special feature Parental Control that controls children’s access to online content, suitable for studying at home during this time. Children’s health. Don’t forget to go to order.

Teclast P20HD

Another brand direct from the dragon country like Teclast, which teamed up with big companies like Intel and Microsoft to develop internal systems. As you can see, Teclast products tend to be quite stable. It also comes with quality that is suitable for an affordable price. You have to try and open your mind to the Teclast brand.

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Teclast P20HD, developed from the younger version of the Teclast P10HD, is the newest Android tablet. That comes with many upgraded specifications to meet the needs of use better than before. The highlight of this tablet model consists of a large 10.1-inch display, clear Full HD level, the entry-level device specification that adds new RAM and ROM to allow the device to be used smoothly. Suitable for use in various entertainment fields, whether watching series, listening to music, playing social media, or working! Plus, you can insert a SIM card to make calls and connect to 4G with dual speakers. And the large battery lasts all day. That’s it, it’s worth the price of 4,590.

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Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen)

If not to mention, it would not be for Lenovo, which is well known in the laptop industry, has turned to the tablet market and launched the latest tablet, the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen. ) A tablet with a beautiful design. Comes with a very economical price of 7,990 baht only. What cool things do you have? Let’s see!

tablet for work or watching series  Which brand to choose?  let's see
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The exterior design of the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen), the back cover is metal material. Covering the machine frame on both the left and right sides, smooth, while the top is a plastic bar. because this tablet can insert a SIM Therefore, it must leave space for placing the antenna to receive signals. In the part of the tablet screen, this is the most bang. It is as large as 10.3 inches and has a resolution of 1080 x 1920p. You can choose to adjust 2 things, Standard and Bright, depending on individual preferences. And most importantly, if you buy Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen), this one can be completed in one place because you don’t have to pay extra for a protective film and a single baht case. Because he has a free gift for the machine and is also beautiful, good-looking, good quality, no one knows that it is a free gift for sure.

How are you doing with the tablet we’ve gathered? However, when buying a tablet There are often many factors. Whether it’s price, brand, specification and usage, so we need to choose the tablet that best matches our usage. to save cost But if you have the capital, you can choose to buy as you like.

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