Tackled by the president of the PFC, Aulas answers him!

Once again taken to task by Pierre Ferracci, Jean-Michel did not hesitate to reply on Twitter.

The war continues between Jean-Michel Aulas and certain other presidents of French clubs. The leader of the Paris FC, Pierre Ferracci, has been particularly virulent towards him for the past few days. “He has done all the colors of the rainbow since the start of the crisis. If Olympique Lyonnais could go to the Champions League by playing on the Moon, it would offer us to play on the Moon “, he had thus launched at the microphone of RMC Sport, Sunday.

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On Tuesday, he handed over a layer, this time to Europe 1. “He’s leaving in all directions. He is in the wrong fight. I am the first to recognize that there are very heavy economic stakes. But Jean-Michel Aulas cannot get Ligue 1 back in acrobatic conditions just so that Olympique Lyonnais can go to the Champions League “, he added, adding: “From time to time, health logic prevails over economic logic.”

An attack in due form to which Jean-Michel Aulas did not fail to respond, relying on the decisions of other Leagues and the support of UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. “Pierre Ferracci, president of Paris FC: Jean-Michel Aulas” is wrong in the fight “. Pierre F is wrong on the subject. What does he say about the position of the Uefa and President Ceferin? And the game of all nations without France? ”, he wrote on Twitter.

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