In the video, a transformed Chinese car.. If you get stuck in traffic, you can fly in it!

American and Chinese companies are racing over the future of mobility, by betting on the flying car. In the past months, the Chinese company “Xpeng Aeroht” organized the first two flights of its plane. The 90-second experiment near Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah in October was followed by a second experiment in Guangzhou, China. After the … Read more

Video: Iranian fans celebrate with an Israeli channel reporter after their team’s victory over Wales!

Iranian fans, along with an Israeli channel reporter, appeared in the midst of Iran’s victory over Wales in their World Cup soccer match in Qatar. Iranian fans appeared very happy, during a correspondence with an Israeli delegate to Doha to cover the World Cup in a live broadcast on one of the Hebrew channels, while … Read more

Video: The self-driving test of a Tesla car raises fears!

A video experiment revealed that the self-driving mechanism of a “Tesla” car failed to detect the presence of a doll the size of a child, during a test conducted by a group of experiments on safety. The Dawn Project, which conducted the experiment, said the car failed to detect the presence of stationary dummies in … Read more