Pescara, the 13-year-old girl who fell from the window at school is serious. The teacher: «she wanted to get some fresh air»

A 13-year-old girl fell from the window of the “11 February 1944” school in Pescara. The fact happened after 9:20 in the institute located in Colle pineta road, in the capital of Abruzzo. The 118 rescuers arrived at her place who stabilized the girl and transported her in red code to the hospital. Also present … Read more

Kenyan Mutiso won the Prague Marathon. He broke a 13-year-old record

The Prague Marathon was won by Kenyan Alexander Mutiso. With a time of 2:05:09, he beat Eliud Kiptunai’s thirteen-year-old track record by exactly half a minute. The fastest woman was Ethiopian Workenesh Edesa (2:20:42). Vít Pavlišta won his fourth Czech marathon title (2:19:14). In the women’s championship race, Moira Stewart confirmed her role as the … Read more

A 13-year-old boy died an agonizing death due to a “TikTok” challenge

In April, a party ended fatally for 13-year-old Jacob Stevens, a resident of Ohio. Together with his friends, he participated in the “TikTok” challenge, swallowing a whole handful of anti-allergy pills. Such a “challenge” has been circulating on “TikTok” for several years. Swallowing the pills purportedly produces hallucinations, but most young people don’t realize that … Read more

13-year-old girl raped by director Roman Polanski interviews his wife years later

The text of the interview was published by the French magazine “Le Point”. In a review article, Variety relays Gamer’s key points she made during her interview with Seinjer. According to Gamer, “what happened between her and Polanski was never a big deal to her.” She noted that she didn’t even realize at the time … Read more

Forced to Smoke Vape Contains Fentanyl, 13-Year-Old Boy Has Stroke

GEORGIA, – A 13-year-old Georgian boy will never be the same after bullies allegedly pressured him to smoke fentanyl-containing vapes. This led to a stroke and permanent brain damage, his mother told Fox News. Zachary Corona, from Dalton, had to be rushed to hospital after his 12-year-old sister found him unconscious in a recliner … Read more

She showed her 13-year-old son. “There were unpleasant comments” – WP Woman

share Tweet Anna Korcz celebrated the 13th birthday of her youngest son – Jan. The actress shared the latest photo of the boy on the occasion. She also made a confession related to the opinions that appeared when she was pregnant with her third. Anna Korcz has been appearing in the series “Na Wspólnej” broadcast … Read more

Sad, 13-year-old boy with severe brain damage because he was forced to vape containing fentanyl

Jakarta – Sorrowfully, a student suffers brain damage as a result of being a victim of bullying and being forced to vape. It said the vape the boy was smoking contained fentanyl. The 13-year-old’s mother said the vape was tucked into her son’s underwear by bullies who forced him to smoke the dangerous substance. Shortly … Read more

The deterioration of the 13-year-old rare disease is predicted to “not make it through this year.” The actress of the local drama burst into tears: He left and I followed | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chen Manfei’s son suffers from a rare disease, and the fortune teller predicted that he would not survive this year. (Photo/Reposted from Chen Manfei’s Facebook page) Actress Li Yurou (current name: Chen Manfei) is a regular member of “Joking about Taiwan”. After marriage, she has a pair of children. The 13-year-old eldest son suffered from … Read more

Daniel Auteuil reveals to suffer from the same disorder as his 13-year-old son, Zachary

Daniel Auteuil is currently promoting the show Déjeuner en l’air. During one of these interviews granted to France Bleu, the 73-year-old actor confided in his private life and spoke of the disorder from which he and his son Zachary suffer, relates Closer. The comedian revealed that they suffered from “dyspraxia”, a learning disability. According to … Read more

Teacher dies in Brazilian school after stabbing by 13-year-old student | Abroad

The teacher was seriously injured in the stabbing and later died in hospital of cardiac arrest, according to news website G1. The state government has declared a three-day mourning period. According to Secretary of State for Public Security Guilherme Derrite, a physical education teacher managed to overpower the attacker. Without her heroic act, the tragedy … Read more