Gelija Vaškūnė who came to MAMA: about the relationship with her sons Remi and Gamka and the music they create | Names

2023 01 31, 14:05 For subscribers The mother of performers Remi and Gamka, Gelija Vaškūnė, visited the MAMA awards together. She told the portal which son’s song she likes the most and what made this event stand out. Gelija Vaškūnė, Germanas Daškevičius-Gamka and Remigijus Daškevičius-Remis with their friends / Teodoros Biliūnas / BNS photo.

Dovydas Laukys lost more than 20 kg: “Sport helped me to cope psychologically” | Names

Sport has accompanied Dovydas Laukis since childhood – he has been playing sports since he was six years old, when his parents took him to karate lessons. Actor for the portal told that he was always engaged in some kind of active physical activity, but added that a couple of years ago his physical … Read more

Test: Do you know a lot about famous couples getting married in 2022 and their weddings? | Names

The test, which consists of 15 questions, can be found below. There are four answer options for each question, from which you will have to choose one correct one. Eager to test your knowledge of celebrity couples getting married in 2022? Then press “Start”. Good luck!

The super boss of the mafia is in prison. Will Sicily’s Cosa Nostra Octopus Be Revived? | Life

If there is Italy, there is also mafia. The world knows this from the Oscar-winning American director Francis Ford Coppola’s film “The Godfather” (lit. “Il Padrino”). Or from the 1980s series “The Octopus” (Italian: “La Piovra”), which exposed the atrocities of the Sicilian mafia. What happened in Palermo last Monday is worthy of a new … Read more

Basketball stars dominate: TOP15 of the highest-earning Lithuanian athletes

Titles do not yet guarantee great wealth. This axiom has been confirmed once again 15min compiling a list of the highest-earning athletes in recent years. Rūta Meilutytė and Mykolas Alekna were chosen as the best Lithuanian athletes in 2022, but none of them is in the top fifteen. Another fact – when calculating annual earnings, … Read more

Prince Harry’s interviews rock the world: The most important things we learned from them | Names

After 38 years of having his story told by other people, he “finally felt it was a good time to tell it myself,” Harry says in his book, published Tuesday by Random House. The interviews, which appeared on Britain’s ITV and America’s 60 Minutes on CBS, were not the first in which Harry has spoken … Read more

M. Govedaitė about the “Golden Globes” ceremony: what was Brad Pitt doing there? | Names

A few years ago, the “Golden Globes” awards held in Hollywood in the dry month, wittily nicknamed the “Oscars during which you can get drunk”, were really expected and the very first glamorous event of the new year for screen stars, firing the starting shot for the entire marathon of film ceremonies and awards. The … Read more

600 thousand people will transfer more to their pension this year: this is how much the contributions will increase, earning 900-1900 euros | Business

Currently, 1.4 million people participate in second-tier pension accumulation. people. When accumulating in the second stage, a person devotes a certain percentage of his income to accumulation. How 15min said Malgožata Kozič, advisor of the “Sodra” communication department, since 2019. new participants in the accumulation could gradually increase their share of the contribution, that is, … Read more

V. Putin is no longer hiding anything – he admits the difficulties of the war and calls on the Russians to prepare for a long struggle

As winter approaches and the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, Putin has abandoned previous attempts to shield the public from the pain of war and is now seeking to prepare the Russians and their military for the long struggle ahead. “He’s much less relaxed, much less optimistic,” said Russia analyst Tatyana Stanovaya, who … Read more

Surrender to the drone and stay alive – a new Ukrainian offer to Russian soldiers

The program was created in late November after the Ukrainian military released footage of a Russian soldier dropping his weapon, raising his arms and nervously following a drone buzzing overhead, pointing the way to soldiers from the Ukrainian army’s 54th Mechanized Brigade. A few weeks later, Ukraine’s General Staff released a training video explaining how … Read more